Theme Thursday: 3 Ways to Pick A Theme For Your Event

Start with your favorite book, movie or TV show. Explore one of your Hobbies. Think about the mood or color scheme. Once you decide which of these items appeals to you the most go for it.  Let your imagination run … Continue reading

A Wizard of Oz Theme Wedding

Want to use the Wizard of Oz theme for your wedding.  Why not.  If you are a child at heart and believe in the magic of “Somewhere over the rainbow…dreams really do come true” then off to Kansas and Oz is a perfect way to start your new life and your new journey together.  
Afterall, the Wizard of Oz is truly a movie based on magic, transformations and moving through obstacles to discover that it lies within you and your heart at all times so as long as you stay true to yourself you can have everything you have ever dreamed of because it is already here.
So, for this Wizard of Oz event we created giant poppy people to drop petals onto the heads of our guests as they entered into the reception.  We turned the yellow brick road into a dance floor and we even had flying monkeys and the witchs forest. We created an emerald green lounge and even incorporated flying monkeys

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