10 Ways to De-Stress When Planning Your Wedding

Are you planning your own wedding but don’t know where to start.  If you answered “yes” then you are not alone. A lot of Brides I speak with have a hard time weeding through the amount of information that is … Continue reading


What can a planner do for me?  That is a giant question for anyone planning a special celebration in their lives.  Whether you are planning a Wedding or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah the role of the  Event planner is often misunderstood.
My first question to you is: what do you think a planner does?  Typically clients think all a planner does is make a few phone calls; or worse yet they think we can just show up on the day of with a clip board and magically fix all the mistakes the Bride or B/M Mom may have made. And worse yet they think that the vendors THEY hired are going to listen to anything the day of person has to say. LOL!
With that said it has become clear to me over the past few recession filled years that the consumer does not have a full understanding of what an Event planner is or the value we provide.  I understand that it is hard to see the value of a planner because we are an intangible item.  When you hire your florist they typically provide you with centerpieces, bouquets’ and… This is a tangible item. It has value because you give money you receive a product, but with a planner there is no product. We  only provide “Peace of Mind” and NO STRESS for the journey to your event and especially on the day of the event.
So while making phone calls and ordering floral arrangements does fall under the duties of a planner this is just a very small part of the big picture.  Planning an event whether it is a wedding or a Mitzvah is more about taking care of the client in a way that helps reduce stress, pressure and insecurity.  A good planner  not only plans your event we listen and moderate and diffuse tense and uncomfortable situations.  We also help you to see the possibility of what you want in a way you never thought imaginable.  We have relationships with the people we work with so we have the ability to negotiate on your behalf and actually aid your bottom line.
Not everyone needs a full time event planner but that doesn’t mean you don’t need help with certain stages of the planning process.
So to answer the question “what can a planner do for me,” there is a lot that we can do for you.  We provide access to amazing vendors, we provide reputable and reliable people, we negotiate on your behalf, we schedule your day down to the millisecond from the installation to the party to the last detail we are there planning and executing, coordinating and troubleshooting so you can SHOW UP! BE PRESENT! AND MOST OF ALL BE STRESS FREE on what may be the most important day or days of your life.

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Wedding Planners Facts or Myths You Decide

When I got married, on Long Island, the “wedding planner” was the person at the catering hall, or as my husband called it, “the wedding factory” that actually booked and sold us on the dream of the perfect wedding.  Once we were sold he then took our deposit and gave us a list of the vendors they wanted us to use.  When the final balance was due we met with him for maybe the 3rd time to finalize our menu and give him the name of our florist, photographer and band.
So simple and easy.  Not really.  He did not hold my hand during the process and help me make important decisions or decipher the contracts and promises of my vendors. It was an impersonal business transaction and half way thru the process he quit and I got a substitute, who was not privee to the conversations and promises I had received.  Talk about un-needed stress.
Today, you too can use the “wedding planner” at the banquet facility.  But you should be aware that their experience in planning events is limited to the space that they are currently working in.  They are not out in the world of events planning parties and weddings at an assortment of venues.  Furthermore, they will probably have a minimum of between 2-4 weddings or special events booked for each and every weekend of the year.  In addition, they work for the venue.  Their loyalty lies with the venue.  Yes they want you to have a wonderful and memorable celebration with them but at what cost?  Will this planner set up meetings for you with other venues?  Translate contracts and proposals from the different venues.? Take your call when you are having a stressful day?  Look at your invitations to make sure the wording is correct and there are no spelling errors?  Answer 40 emails a day with care and concern? Will they go with you to the dress fittings or makeup consultations? Will they be available to meet with the photographer and videographer? Will they spend countless hours on the phone and in person with your florist, designer and lighting specialist?  Will they help you patch up the fights you are having with your fiancée?  Will they lend a compassionate ear when you are upset with your mother?  Will they get the cake lady to call you back or answer your emails? 
Most importantly will they allow you to create the wedding you always dreamed about.  Offering a myriad of possibilities and insights or will they just give you what they give to each and every bride that walks into their space? An independent planner will always have your best interest at heart. First and foremost they will always work in your best interest.  They will serve as your guide, your coach, your therapist and friend during this entire process.  They will execute your dream day with perfection the way you envision it and want it to occur.  They will trouble shoot and spin a magical web for you to spend your day in joy and happiness.
Your independent wedding planner will do more than make 5 phone calls and give a list of preferred vendors.  He/she will pool her resources and connect you with the right people for your personality, style and budget.  He/she will provide you with innovation and the latest trends.  She will encourage you to think beyond the pictures you see in the magazines to help your style and personality come through- not the venues.  Planners do not have an agenda- they have a passion.  There is no sales quota that they need to meet.  At the end of the day they get their comfort and satisfaction in your joy.
Dear Reader, What is the biggest fear you have about your wedding? 
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Newly Engaged! 3 Things To Do Now

You just got engaged and now what?  First things first you just have to pick up the phone and tell everyone the news. Once the screaming and joy dies down do not let the fear in.  If you do the feelings will overwhelm you and you will find that you cannot move forward with planning this big day.
The first thing you really need to know before you start planning your wedding is how much money do you intend to spend. It’s time to make an appointment with both of your parents and ask them how much are they willing to invest so you can have the wedding of your dreams.
Head out to your nearest Barnes and Noble or news stand and buy all the wedding magazines you can find. Take them home get a cup of coffee and start thumbing through them.  Pull out the pictures that speak to you.  Use these photos as inspiration. They will help you become clear on your wedding vision.
Now that you are beginning to get an idea of the style of your wedding you will be able to begin your search for the perfect wedding venue/location.  Some things to think about when choosing your perfect venue: do you want the ceremony at the same place as the reception?  Do you want to be inside, outside, in a tent, at a hotel or country club or in your parent’s backyard? Create a spreadsheet with all the important information that you gather from the venues that interest you.  This will help you be able to compare them to determine which is the best fit. 
If you found this article helpful or interesting please leave a comment.  Let me know your thoughts, If you have any questions or need any information or would like to see me write about a topic you need help on let me know.  If you don’t want to leave a comment below you can always email me: Julia@eventuresinc.netor simply visit our website at www.eventuresinc.net. Subscribe to our list for your free ebook “Make it Your Own! The Ultimate Guide to Personalize Your Day”
Grace, Gratitude and Happy Planning!

Wedding Planner- Why you want one!

In my opinion one of the many reasons you would hire a wedding planner is to help you create and execute a vision for your wedding that will make it different than everyone else’s wedding.

I don’t know about you but I love to look at wedding pictures and photos from other special events. I can do this for hours and never get bored. They are a great source for inspiration and ideas.

However, I think it is my job to listen to my bride and actually hear her, get inside her head and then help her find just the right location for her dream wedding.Then when we find that magical location it is up to me to show my bride the possibility of what she can have. I inspire my bride to see the room in a different way then the venue may be used to doing it.

Why have everyone else’s wedding? Why stay inside the “box”? You hired a wedding planner.It is up to us to help you dream and create and to show you how to see what isn’t or hasn’t been seen or done yet.An experienced wedding coordinator should be able to see the space in a different way.They should be able to have a vision and know the right people to hire to execute that vision.After all, if you could do it yourself then why would you hire us?If you could create your own unique style and party and celebration then why would you hire an experienced wedding professional?I think it is so important to understand that a true wedding coordinator should be able to take your ideas wish list and thoughts and spin it into something that stands out. – If you want cookie cutter than have the venue do the party.They are more than happy to tell you how they do it week after week, month after month and year after year.

Get Inspired! This is your special day! It is amazing to see what you can have and receive! Just be willing to play and have some fun!