Theme Thursday: 3 Ways to Pick A Theme For Your Event

Start with your favorite book, movie or TV show. Explore one of your Hobbies. Think about the mood or color scheme. Once you decide which of these items appeals to you the most go for it.  Let your imagination run … Continue reading

Animal House Bar Mitzvah

For this Bar Mitzvah my client came to me wanting to recreate the movie animal house as it was her son’s favorite movie.  Hillcrest Country Club in Beverly Hills was the perfect place to execute this theme.  We decided to recreate a “college” campus and for cocktails created a “student center” for the party the adults sat in the “Dean’s” special restaurant and the kids area was turned into a “Frat House”.

Tiny Pine Press  created a custom logo that was derived from all of the child’s interests and hobbies. The logo was carried throughout the night to brand the event on plastic serving trays, mugs, seat cushions and all signage. Additionally we created a map of the “campus” where our frat house was to live using the names of all the members of the Bar Mitzvah Boys family.We had seat cushions made to match the custom insignia of the frat.  The table names were different fraternities from around the country and we used each fraternities flag to identify the tables. The Bar Mitzvah boys grandfather built a “death mobile” which we used for the grand entrance.The windows of the country club were covered in silhouettes to replicate the sorority sister scene of the girls having a pillow fight.  Togas were handed out during the music dance set of the song “shout”.  We also set the dessert buffet table as a giant edible parade.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah that you would like me to answer?  Let me know.  I would be happy to help.

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