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Your Wedding at a Theater

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Private Caterer for your Wedding part 2

I love being able to use a private caterer for your wedding day food. As a real foodie I know that it will ensure that your wedding has the food and service that you desire. With a wedding menu designed exclusively for you. Usually there are no minimums and/or limitations with what you can request.

I lean towards the boutique companies as I find they have fresh, new and creative ideas and they typically prepare most items on the menu from scratch using the freshest of ingredients. They tend to shop using local farms and food suppliers and a lot of them like to buy organic and usually hit the markets within 1 to 2 days prior your event to ensure only the finest and freshest ingredients are being used.

It take a lot of hours to prepare and cook food for a party so typically your caterer will have a kitchen that they prep all the food in prior to your wedding day.

Once on the job site they then go to work cooking and finishing your food. If the job site has no kitchen one has to be built. While building an offsite kitchen is not a big deal, it does however cost some money. And you cannot assume that the cost of the kitchen is something that is paid for by the caterer. On the contrary, it is a cost paid for by the client. In addition, a lot of caterers may need to rent platters and serving utensils. Again, this is a cost passed onto the client.

Often times venues such as private homes, mansions, beaches, warehouse spaces require that you bring in a private caterer and most likely you should assume that you are at a space that is pretty much a blank slate which means you, the client get to bring in the dishes, forks, knives, glassware and just about everything else that you need to feed and service your guests.Your caterer can arrange for all this if you choose the go that route.They typically charge you the cost of each item plus 20% for arranging the rentals.You can have your wedding planner arrange the rentals or you can try and do it yourself. We will discuss rentals at a later date.

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Hiring a Caterer to Cook for Your Wedding?

Before you decide to have your wedding at a private venue or your home I think it is very important to understand how caterer’s charge.

Typically, private caterers break down the cost of the meal as follows: food per person, and an hourly fee for their staff inclusive of: head chef, assistant chefs, scullery, managers, waiters and bartenders.

The size of the event and the scope of the menu will usually determine how large a staff is required to service your event.In general most catering and staffing companies require a 5-hour minimum per party. In addition to the food and labor fees you can expect to see a tax and a service charge on your bill.

Generally the per person food charge will cover the cost of the food and the initial food prep at the caterer’s own kitchen. The hourly fees kick in once the caterer arrives on site at the venue where the wedding or party will take place. Typically, your caterer will base their estimate on the following: average event is 5 hours which consists of 1 hour for cocktails, and 4 hours for the reception. Additional hours may then be added for the set up/installation and clean up at your location. By and large, for a small event of 200 guests or less with a minimal amount of set up the caterer will frequently add 2 hours for installation and 1-2 hours for cleanup. These times are a guideline and may differ based on size of the wedding, the menu and the party’s overall flow of events. Furthermore, if you have a killer party that goes into overtime expect to pay additional sums of money to the staff.

Additionally, when choosing to work with a caterer at a private venue or home you should be aware that you will have to rent everything that will be used for your event to take place. It is a good idea, especially if you choose to not work with a planner, to schedule a walk-thru of the venue space with the caterer, prior to your wedding. This will allow the caterer to scope out the site and know how best to use the space. They will also be able to help you create a rental list of items that they may need to best execute the menu.

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Grace, Gratitude and Happy Planning!

Shopping for the Perfect Wedding Venue

So you just got engaged and you think to yourself I need to find a place to get married. You begin to surf the internet for venues, feverishly making calls and you begin to feel overwhelmed. After what seems like a gazillion appointments and endless salespeople, beautiful presentation folders with prices and menus and preferred vendors you think to yourself; how do I interpret all this? It can all be so overwhelming.

Time to hit the pause button. Take a deep breath and make yourself a cup of coffee. Then sit quietly and list the pros and cons of each of the venues that you visited. Then create a cost comparison spreadsheet. When comparing locations it helps if you compare apples to apples, meaning; if the “really cheap” venue is offering 2 appetizers and the really great venue (the one you think you can’t afford but love) is offering 6 appetizers in their package see what the cost would be to upgrade to 6 tray passed appetizers at the inexpensive location. If the great place offers valet in their package price see what the valet would be at the less expensive location and write it down. How many courses are each of the places providing. Which one will let you choose a cake vendor, which one charges for the ceremony and what is the charge for an on site ceremony. Once you have your prices for each of these venues listed out by category simply add up each column and see if the less expensive place is still less expensive.

If something seems too good to be true that is because it usually is too good to be true. Be weary of the places that hide their costs and break them down and spread them around their presentation folder. I know when I look at a proposal my eye automatically goes to the largest numbers on the page or the final number/total at the bottom; afterwards, I pause to see what do all these costs really mean and stand for. Then, I too do a cost analysis. So, do yourself a favor and take the time to actually understand what you are getting and what it is going to cost before you commit. These few minutes can save you a lot of tears.

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Venue Shopping

Back in the day, when I got married choosing where to have my wedding seemed like a daunting task. Where to go, what to look for, what questions to ask, will my flowers make it into the right room? All of this seemed like we were climbing a mountain and how could we ever get to the top?

Today, the task is even harder. 20 years ago everyone got married in a hotel, temple or “wedding factory” (venue that has more then 1 event going at a time). I remember when we finally picked the Crest hollow Country Club for our big day my boss looked at me and said- “I got married there. Make sure you get your flowers because mine went to a different wedding and the ones we got were awful.” Hah- 22 years ago all you had to worry about when planning a wedding were the flowers and the music- today there is so much more.

I just started in the planning process for a wedding that will take place in New York. I have not done an event in NY since my husband moved us to LA 16 years ago. So for the past 2 weeks the Internet and I have become best friends. It brings me my coffee first thing in the morning and snuggles next to me at night.

It really is truly amazing what is available to learn out in cyberspace. I was quite proud of myself at being able to link into some of the most incredible venues. While I am very familiar with the event spaces and opportunities in Los Angeles, I was unaware of how things had changed and developed in NY.

When I lived in NY, Long Island city was a place that you went to only if you had to. And I had to every day for about 2 years, as I worked for a clock importer back then. When I was going to meet with my perspective employers I was told don’t get too nervous when you walk here as most of the scary people you are going to see on the street work for us. That was then and this is now and Long Island City has become quite a little hub of old buildings that have been restored to now be rented out as event spaces.

Then there is Brooklyn. When I lived in Brooklyn it was the least cool place of all the suburbs that you could be, but that is not the case anymore. The Williamsburg area and it’s neighboring uber chic DUMBO have made the heights seem boring. In exploring I came across some of the most incredible spaces. Amazing what changes can occur in and over time. As I was born in Brooklyn, I can truly say that I am proud that it has seen a resurgence in glamour and style. It has always had the most amount of character in my book.