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Real Bar Mitzvah: Themed After The Simpsons

My client’s son loved the TV show The Simpsons and had been watching it his whole life.  The entire family would watch this show together and it really was something they all enjoyed doing together so we decided to use the TV show The Simpsons as the theme for their Bar Mitzvah celebration.
The challenge for me was to get inside the head of Marge Simpson, a cartoon character, and then put together a party that she would actually plan herself.
We ended up using a lot of different primary colors in our linen selection and worked within the parameters of the space we had and what could be provided by the venue.  The centerpieces were simple on the adult tables and for the kids we created accordion like pieces of plexi that we filled with pictures of the different characters. Each table was named for a character in the show. The venue walls were lined with portraits of the club members so we covered those with Simpson family portraits.  We brought in a clown to make balloon sculptures and also had a life sized Bart cut out for a photo op.  The parents did not want to go up in the chair for the Hora so instead we used Marge and Homer dolls in their place.
Dear Reader, Do you have a favorite movie, TV show or book that you want to use for your child’s Bar Mitzvah theme?  I would like to hear what you are doing.  Leave your comments and tell me what you are planning.
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Harry Potter Themed Event Ideas

With the final Harry Potter movie currently in theaters a lot of people may be thinking that a Harry Potter themed Wedding or Mitzvah could be a lot of fun.

My son is a huge Harry Potter fan and 8 years ago, when the 2nd Harry Potter movie first hit the theaters it was that magical time in the life of a Jewish child known as a Bar Mitzvah. Knowing his passion for reading and all things Harry we decided to create a Harry Potter themed Bar Mitzvah.

In preparation for the planning of this event I too, read all the books and completely immersed myself into all things Harry.

Here are some fun ideas and ways to incorporate Harry Potter into your next celebration:

Instead of having escort cards why don’t you have a costume designer create a life sized sorting hat costume and actually place a person inside to interact with your guests and help them discover where they will be seated.

We actually used stuffed owls that were miniature replicas of Harry’s owl, Hedwig as the actual escort card along with the life sized sorting hat. We then offered our guests the option of keeping the owl for placing them in provided baskets which we intended for donation to a Battered Women’s shelter.

Another idea is to suspend 200 battery operated, flickering candles from the ceiling of the banquet hall.

You can also make your own snitch and flying broom to use in the room as added décor.

Consider offering your guests a specialty drink that sits in a cauldron at the bar. Fill the bottom of the caldron with dry ice for the smoky fog effect or simply hire a molecular mixologist for your event to mix up some mystical potion.

Hire a psychic or a fortune-teller to interact with your guests as part of the entertainment.

Infusing your event with a theme based on a movie like Harry Potter offers so much creative possibility. The ideas are endless. Let your imagination go and have fun.

If you found this article helpful or interesting please leave a comment. Let me know your thoughts, If you have any questions or need any information or would like to see me write about a topic you need help on let me know. If you don’t want to leave a comment below you can always email me: Julia@eventuresinc.net or simply visit our website at www.eventuresinc.net.

Grace, Gratitude and Happy Planning!