3 Fool-Proof Secrets For A Fun Event

Have you ever gone to a wedding or special event and thought “Wow! That went fast?” or “Why did the event end so early?”  Then you look down at your watch and go “Holy **it! It’s midnight!!”  Do you want to know why this event was so much fun?  Would you like to be able to recreate the energy for your own events? Here are three ways to make sure your next event is the event everyone is talking about!
1. A GREAT TIMELINE: A well-planned party is created by building great energy.  Some  of this can be done with décor and lighting however, the one crucial element is a well thought out timeline in which every moment and/or detail should flow effortlessly into the next. (Come back next week for “How To Write Your Own Event Timeline”)
2. ALCOHOL:  Alcohol is key to a successful party.  A lot of people think they will save money by serving wine and beer, but unless you are a wine/beer drinking crowd it is important to have a good, open bar. You don’t need to go crazy with 30 specialty drinks but 1 or 2 signature cocktails for the night will help with the partying mood. I had a client who decided to switch from an open bar to serving only wine and beer at the reception. A large amount of her guests actually left the party to go to the hotel bar. No joke. Also, a cash bar is a sure fire way to kill a party. 
3. YOU:  You, the host, are the most important part of your party.  If you are happy your guests are happy! Happiness and laughter are infectious. So is anxiety and stress.  Your guests feel your emotions.  They take their cues from you.  So if you are in the bathroom crying, there is a good chance that ¾ of your party will be in there with you.  If you want a dance party get on the dance floor.  If you want fun memories, it is up to you to infuse your guests with YOUR excitement and joy. 
If you found this article helpful or interesting please leave a comment.  Let me know your thoughts, If you have any questions or need any information about a specific topic that you need help with let me know.  If you don’t want to leave a comment below you can always email me: Julia@eventuresinc.net or simply visit our website at www.eventuresinc.net.
Grace, Gratitude and Happy Planning!


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