Celebrating Your Wedding and Culture Together

We spend most of our lives trying to fit in and be like everyone else. As kids, our parents, our culture, and our traditions often embarrassed us. The day you get married, put the embarrassment aside, and embrace what sets you apart from everyone else. Cultural and religious traditions offer a sense of security and continuity and bring richness into any ceremony or celebration.
I was raised as a reform Jew on Long Island, in an area that was not very Jewish (in fact, I was 1 of 5 Jews in my graduating class). When I was a teenager, I got to attend my cousin’s modern orthodox wedding. This one night has stayed with me for most of my adult life. I remember his wedding being infused with so much Jewish tradition and culture, but most of all it was a night filled with celebration and joy.
In the Jewish religion the groom sees the bride before she walks down the aisle so he can cover her face with the veil. It is called a “Bedecking” and this one tradition stands out in my memory. I remember that during the cocktail hour, which took place prior the wedding ceremony the bride came out and sat in a special chair on a platform, surrounded by her mother and her bridal party, guests approached and wished her well and then out of nowhere there was singing and the groom (my cousin) entered the room, surrounded by all his friends and close family and they danced him to where the Bride waited. As he approached the air was electric.  He covered her face everyone sang and danced and as quickly as he was danced into the space, he was escorted out.
Almost 30 years later I can still remember this wedding and that moment.  It was magical and set the tone for the entire night.
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Grace, Gratitude and Happy Planning!

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