Theme Thursday: 3 Ways to Pick A Theme For Your Event

  1. Start with your favorite book, movie or TV show.
  2. Explore one of your Hobbies.
  3. Think about the mood or color scheme.

Once you decide which of these items appeals to you the most go for it.  Let your imagination run wild.  Think of all the different ways you can incorporate your interests and passions into executing your passion.

When a client gives me a theme to work from I like to immerse myself in it. If it is a movie I watch it over and over again. If it is a book I make sure to read it (even if it is a series).  If it is a color I think about how I want to incorporate that color into the execution and branding of the event.

Most importantly, have fun, go out of the box- think big, you can always pull back.


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