3 Fool-Proof Secrets For A Fun Event

Have you ever gone to a wedding or special event and thought “Wow! That went fast?” or “Why did the event end so early?”  Then you look down at your watch and go “Holy **it! It’s midnight!!”  Do you want to … Continue reading

Superhero Bar Mitzvah at The Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles

Today I would like to invite you into the Bizarro world of Superheroes and Comic Book characters.  If you are a DC comics fan get prepared to fall in love with this Bar Mitzvah.  When I began to work with … Continue reading

Celebrating Your Wedding and Culture Together

We spend most of our lives trying to fit in and be like everyone else. As kids, our parents, our culture, and our traditions often embarrassed us. The day you get married, put the embarrassment aside, and embrace what sets you … Continue reading

Theme Thursday: 3 Ways to Pick A Theme For Your Event

Start with your favorite book, movie or TV show. Explore one of your Hobbies. Think about the mood or color scheme. Once you decide which of these items appeals to you the most go for it.  Let your imagination run … Continue reading