Mishap Monday: What To Do When The Music Goes Down At Your Party

During one of my event’s, the speakers the DJ had brought stopped working! I had to think quickly and on the spot. I used the three steps below and handled the situation without any of the guests and my clients knowledge of the situation.

  1. Remain Calm Fear causes us to react and shuts down the brain from thinking clearly.
  2. Call the Company and have them send a replacement immediately.
  3. Troubleshoot the Situation:  At this event we had live musicians in addition to a sound system for the ceremony. I simply asked the company that provided the sound system for the service to stay and hook into the DJ’s system until our replacement speakers arrived.  Because of our long history and relationship he gladly stayed to help out.  In addition, I had the live musicians agree to lend us their sound system until the replacement arrived, but thankfully we didn’t need to use it. Once the new system arrived we were able to seamlessly switch gears and the client never knew there was an issue.


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