Will Your Wedding Photographer Capture Your Day Your Way?

I am very lucky. I truly love what I do.  One of the reasons I love my job is that I get to work with and meet some of the most talented people in the country.

Just this past week I had the opportunity to meet with, probably, one of the most revered photographers in the special events industry. He was charming, humble and really, really nice. The meeting was very productive and a lot of fun.  We ended up having a conversation about the process and the shots that he chooses to take. Candidly speaking of course.  

This got me thinking about the candid shots that a photographer should or could take.  For instance let’s say that something big happens at your wedding like: on the way up to your reception your Grandmother who has severe cataracts, can’t really see the stairs on the escalator, miscalculates her step and falls on the escalator. As she falls she takes down your mother and possibly a few others.  Feet dangling- legs in the air- unmentionables showing.  It is a mess! Would you want a photo of this moment? Or would you think that taking the shot was in bad taste? What if your 4 year old nephew sneaks up to the cake and sticks his finger in it, would you want that photo? Or maybe you are so choked with emotion during the ceremony that when you cry the tears completely destroy your makeup and you have black stains dripping down your face; would it be in bad taste for the photographer to take that picture?

I am really curious to know how many people want their photographer to take all the possible shots of both good and bad moments or do you think he should avoid the candids that show you and/or your guests poorly.

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Grace, Gratitude and Happy Planning!

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How Important Is Your Wedding/Event Invitation?

I spend a lot of time with my clients helping them to design the perfect invitation, whether we go to a graphic artist or choose an invitation from a book.  It takes time and thought and most  of all can eat into the entire wedding/event budget.  How important is the invitation to you?

When answering this question you have to consider that the invitation is usually the first thing that your guest receives and it can set the tone.  If you are having a themed Bar Mitzvah it can allude to the theme and create some pre-event excitement.  If it is for a wedding it lets your guests get a feel for your style.

A traditional paper/snail mail invite does cost money to produce which can eat away at your wedding/event budget. Especially when you add in the cost for calligraphy, postage and  the time it takes to sort and stuff your invite.  And just when you think your done you find yourself standing in line at the post office having them weighed so you know how much postage to buy, but wait- still not done because after you affix the postage you will most likely want to hand cancel each invitation hoping that they will arrive to their destination as beautifully packaged as when they left your hands.

If you are tight for time and on a tight budget the paperless invite may be a great option for your. However, if you are going paperless you really need to know the age demographic of your guests. Does your 91 year old Grandmother even have email?  Does she know how to use it? When the arrives in her inbox will she realize what it is? or that it is from you? And finally will she be able to open the invite and later on remember she has it? Furthermore,  how do you even know if your evite even arrived in all the right inboxes?  Maybe it got caught in a spam filter or some cyberspace holding cell?

What are you planning to do for your invitation? Are you going paperless? Are you having one custom made or are you choosing yours from a book?

I would love to know your thoughts and decisions on this subject.  Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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Grace, Gratitude and Happy Planning!