What can a planner do for me?  That is a giant question for anyone planning a special celebration in their lives.  Whether you are planning a Wedding or a Bar/Bat Mitzvah the role of the  Event planner is often misunderstood.
My first question to you is: what do you think a planner does?  Typically clients think all a planner does is make a few phone calls; or worse yet they think we can just show up on the day of with a clip board and magically fix all the mistakes the Bride or B/M Mom may have made. And worse yet they think that the vendors THEY hired are going to listen to anything the day of person has to say. LOL!
With that said it has become clear to me over the past few recession filled years that the consumer does not have a full understanding of what an Event planner is or the value we provide.  I understand that it is hard to see the value of a planner because we are an intangible item.  When you hire your florist they typically provide you with centerpieces, bouquets’ and… This is a tangible item. It has value because you give money you receive a product, but with a planner there is no product. We  only provide “Peace of Mind” and NO STRESS for the journey to your event and especially on the day of the event.
So while making phone calls and ordering floral arrangements does fall under the duties of a planner this is just a very small part of the big picture.  Planning an event whether it is a wedding or a Mitzvah is more about taking care of the client in a way that helps reduce stress, pressure and insecurity.  A good planner  not only plans your event we listen and moderate and diffuse tense and uncomfortable situations.  We also help you to see the possibility of what you want in a way you never thought imaginable.  We have relationships with the people we work with so we have the ability to negotiate on your behalf and actually aid your bottom line.
Not everyone needs a full time event planner but that doesn’t mean you don’t need help with certain stages of the planning process.
So to answer the question “what can a planner do for me,” there is a lot that we can do for you.  We provide access to amazing vendors, we provide reputable and reliable people, we negotiate on your behalf, we schedule your day down to the millisecond from the installation to the party to the last detail we are there planning and executing, coordinating and troubleshooting so you can SHOW UP! BE PRESENT! AND MOST OF ALL BE STRESS FREE on what may be the most important day or days of your life.

If you found this helpful or interesting leave me a message.  Or better yet contact me at either 818.518.8789 or shoot me an email; julia@eventuresinc.net.  I would love to hear from you and possibly help with your planning. Grace and Gratitude!